White fountain beach villa

White fountain beach villa

This charming property offers a lovely setting for small and medium-size parties. The gorgeous Mediterranean garden just meters from one of the loveliest beaches on the eastern coast works great as a ceremony space and the elegant terrace works great for hospitality.

This villa is a perfect choice for those dreaming about a waterfront ceremony and a garden reception. It’s elegant, very Sicilian in design and offers every comfort one may desire.

There are 6 bedrooms on-site and plenty of accommodation options nearby.

What do you need to know about this place

  • Venue Location: East, Siracuse
  • Nearest Airport(s): Catania 75 km
  • On-site Accommodation Capacity: 6 bedrooms
  • Maximum Reception Size: 40 pax
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: 7 nights (Saturday- Saturday)
  • Ceremony Options: symbolic ceremony

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