Editorial – Vintage Vibe of Sicily

Editorial – Vintage Vibe of Sicily

Editorials are the kinds of images that you see in the pages of Vogue, They’re stories that a creative team has come up with, and executed. Editorials don’t have a lot of rules on them. It’s a chance for photographers, make-up artists, decor stylists, and clothing stylists to let loose, have some fun, and get really creative. These images are often the ones you’ll see which are the most daring or different.

Let us tell you how it is to work and live in a place where for real the sky has no limit.  SICILY – everybody’s always talking about its crystal clear water, warm hospitality, and all the historical invaders that have passed by for centuries leaving the best parts on the Island.  It’s true, but there’s so much more to it, on this you need to trust us. As wedding planners, we work in the hardest yet most beautiful place in Europe. Where color can never get too much, where food is a culture, where there is space for innovations and creativity, where no corner on this Island is alike and where the word uniqueness is used daily,  where the language is a barrier and where an email doesn’t count but only face to face meetings.  We are not the only ones experiencing Sicily like this. 

the Divine Greta Garbo who decided, right in Sicily along the Ionian coast, to spend her moments of relaxation in a Pharaonic villa by the sea. Even today those places remained uncontaminated for years by the curious gaze of the continuous admirers who hopefully resided behind the high enclosure walls in the vain attempt to be able to see the Divine stroll along with the wonderful internal gardens that surround the villa and where Greta Garbo loved to spend her days. Every corner of the villa is a piece of history, a piece of the actress’s own life; inside we find Garbo’s personal items: from the hat to the brushes to the paintings he loved so much, the very air you breathe is magical. 

Sicily is magical, there is something about it that draws us, foreigners, to it.  Me, Adriana & Greta Garbo are just a few examples. 

  • Editorial – Vintage Vibe of Sicily

Is about love for and falling in love with Sicily. Using elements that were made years ago with love, like the tablecloth that really is a bedspread made by our friend’s great grandmother. The location is the villa where Greta Garbo actually spent her lovely summers in Sicily. “Teste di moro” has a brutal ancient love story behind them, olive trees that represent peace, the colors that brighten up our days, the wedding dress that covers up our bride in an elegant and heartwarming way. Every element has some story behind even the jewelry is handmade in Sicily. It’s the perfect mix of sea and earth elements since the garden is an olive grove on the sea. 

We are hugging the softer tones of the Sicilian summer colors, interpreting Sicily in a clear but still different way. Wanting to bring history into the present inspiring future spouses to choose Sicily as the destination of their wedding, one of the most important moments in life. 

Our Team:

Concept planners/ designers: Dazzled Events by Emily & Adriana – https://www.dazzled.it/

Photographer: Gianmarco Vetrano – https://www.gianmarcovetrano.it/

Hair & Make-up: Irina Shtatska – https://www.instagram.com/beauty_personal_design_/

Wedding Atelier: Atelier Via Colona –  https://viacolonna.it/

Sicilian Jewellery: Lo Turco Antichità – https://www.instagram.com/antonioloturco1/

Sicilian Ceramics: Blue Royal Taormina – https://www.instagram.com/_blue_royal_tao/

Venue: Villa Garbo – https://www.villagarbo.it/events.html

Sicilian Car: A sicula 500 – https://www.instagram.com/asicula500/


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