Villa Tasca is situated in an 8-hectare park filled with citrus groves and centuries-old trees. While the layout of the Villa dates from the 16th century, the oasis in which it stands is one of the most emblematic gardens of 19th-century Sicilian Romanticism. The undulating shapes of stone-edged flower beds and the lush tropical vegetation create a sensation of being immersed in an atmosphere redolent with tranquillity and charm as soon as you enter the gardens. The landscaped English-style lawns perpetually imbue the garden with an air of lightness and simplicity. The spacious and bright interiors are characterised by frescoes and majolica tiles depicting suggestive rock scenes that create a sense of serenity and vibrancy. Villa Tasca is a historic mansion, a family home and an enchanted garden where Wagner, Goethe and many others loved to while away the time. Your stay will be a true experience blending wine, food, botany and history, while also enabling you to celebrate a very special moment.

  • Venue Location: West,  Palermo
  • Nearest Airport(s): Palermo, 30 km 
  •  On-site Accommodation Capacity: 4 suites
  • Maximum Reception Size: 100 indoors, 300 outdoors
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: none
  • Catering option: external

Villa Elena by Jacques Garcia in his own words “This 17th-century monastery is built on a 12th-century Norman villa, which replaced a 10th-century Moorish palace, which replaced a fifth-century Roman house, which replaced a Greek villa of the third century before Jesus Christ.” Jacques Garcia has turned this monastery into a super luxury property which occasionally can be rented for an exclusive event. Though the word monastery conjures up deprivation and restraint, Villa Elena’s front doors open to a Vatican-style voluptuousness that is wholly appropriate to Sicily, where exaggeration and elaboration are rules rather than exceptions. Step into a world of opulence at this magnificent Sicilian villa. Curved walls swathed in faux marble welcome you like a warm embrace. Lavish furnishings fit for royalty – gathered from 19th-century palaces across Italy – invite you to sit, relax and indulge. Silken canopies cascade from the bedrooms, transporting you to dreams of luxury. The glamorous pool features it´s own Grecian temple, with interiors painted in vibrant hues that reflect the villa’s splendid gardens. Every room brims with treasures hand-picked by the villa’s architect during his travels across Sicily. This villa is super glamorous and truly one of a kind. Its grounds provide a scenery you and your guests will never forget. 

  • Venue Location: East, Noto
  • Nearest Airport(s): Catania, 93 km
  • On-site Accommodation Capacity:  6 bedrooms
  • Maximum Reception Size: 80 indoors, 150 outdoors
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: 7 nights
  • Catering option: external

Tonnara di Scopello is one of the most charming and sought-after wedding venues in Sicily! Situated in Scopello, on the Western side of the island, with easy access from Palermo airport. For centuries these buildings served to store and work tuna before sending it on boats to merchants all over Europe. Tuna fishing was very important for Sicilian people, it was an important part of the economy and the owners of Tonnara´s were very wealthy, usually noble people. Tonnara di Scopello back in the day was one of the most important Tonnaras of Sicily. Today it is an equally important place but in a different sector. Thanks to its positioning on the Scopello coast right in front of Faraglioni rocks, but also stunning rustic rural architecture, this place is a dream come true for so many brides. It has an elevated lawn with palm trees overlooking the sea, two courtyards, a terrace by the sea and accommodation for your guests on-site. 

  • Venue Location: West,  Scopello
  • Nearest Airport(s): Palermo, 53 km 
  • On-site Accommodation Capacity: 50 guests in 12 apartment units
  • Maximum Reception Size: 80 indoors, 120 outdoors
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: two or three nights
  • Catering option: external

Dimora delle Balze conceived as an ode to Sicilian culture, Dimora delle Balze celebrates the past, present, and future of this magnificent land. Originally imagined as a place for the family to gather, the vision of the project widened once they enlisted designers Stefano Guidotti and Draga Obradovic to breathe life into the once noble manor house and surrounding farm. Together, they stripped back the layers of time to reveal the home’s original character and blended those discoveries with their own unique contemporary design sensibility. Dimore delle Balze, set amongst the olive trees and rolling hills of the Iblea Valley, was constructed in 1886 by the nobleman Don Salvatore Zocco. Occupying a wild expanse of verdant land known locally as ‘il Passo Ladro,’ the estate was built as a fortified compound, with tall crenellated walls surrounding a central courtyard and an imposing turret at the entrance. Though mostly used by the Zocco family as a summertime retreat, great care was put into its completion, with fragrant gardens lined by Byzantine columns, ornate frescoes on the tall, vaulted ceilings, and striking neoclassical detailing on buildings’ facades. For decades, the vast surrounding estate was used as farmland. While the wealthy family came and went throughout the year, the Masseria was always inhabited by the peasant farmers who worked the land, who lived and worked in the rooms that now make up the majority of the residences. Today this place offers accommodation for travellers and a perfect setting for those seeking authentic rural experience with the highest quality service. 

  • Venue Location: East, Noto
  • Nearest Airport(s): Catania, 95km
  • On-site Accommodation Capacity: 12 suites
  • Maximum Reception Size: 120 indoors, 200 outdoors
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: three nights
  • Catering option: external

Castello di Trabia if you have ever dreamed of being married in a castle-like royalty, Castello Lanza Branciforte offers the perfect fairytale wedding. With dramatic towers, archways, and grand entryways, this mediaeval castle provides a romantic backdrop for your special day. Exchange vows in the courtyard overlooking the sea for stunning views in your wedding photos. The Norman Tower stretching behind the castle makes a picturesque setting to commemorate your occasion. Dating back to 1153, Castello Lanza Branciforte has witnessed centuries of weddings and ceremonies. Although it is situated in the town of Trabia, once you enter the gates you feel like the time went back. Castello welcomes you with its gardens, courtyards, prince’s terrace right by the sea and Arabic garden- a huge space, also along the sea which is perfect for ceremonies. No bedrooms on the side but there are plenty of stunning hotels in nearby Cefalu. 

  • Venue Location: West, Trabia
  • Nearest Airport(s): Palermo,  64 km
  • On-site Accommodation Capacity: none, bridal prep area available 
  • Maximum Reception Size: 200 indoors, 400 outdoors
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: 0
  • Catering options: internal, also international

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